Friday, September 21, 2007

Teen Parenting Program

The Safe Communities Coalition is looking forward to helping out with the Teen Parenting Program again this year. Last year we had a very enlightening time with wonderful guest speakers and workshops throughout the year. We met for an hour each time, offering important and critical information to the teen girls who will be delivering their babies within the school year. We had pediatric nurses, WIC reps, nutrition specialists, films on baby topics, relaxation workshops, and a hospital tour with Community Outreach coordinator Sylvia Fuentes, who works at the brand new Women's Center at Mainland Medical Center.

Sylvia deserves much credit for going above and beyond to help our teen parents connect with the right people in order to make their pregnancies safe and comfortable. This year, Martha Trevino, family nurse practitioner, will also be helping the cause.

Much credit also goes to Tanya Lanmon, SFHS teacher, and Brandy Babcock, SFHS 9th grade Counselor. Thank you all for helping our teen parents!