Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The following came in my email today. I think it's worth passing on. It's written by Dr. Charles Fay, a genius when it comes to parenting. His words of wisdom can be found at

The Mark Kilroy Foundation wishes you the happiest of Holidays!

The Most Beautiful Gift:Love and Logic Institute, Inc.

"Have you noticed how much effort some folks put into finding just the right Christmas gifts for their child? I bet you know someone who doesn't think twice about spending endless hours - or even days - scouring store shelves for that awesome action figure, digital doodad, or doll their child has been wanting.

Let's think about it. Is there anything wrong with this? What's the problem with spending lots of time and energy looking for neat and nifty Christmas gifts for our kids?

Nothing. But…

What happens when we exert more energy on finding these gifts than showing our youngsters what a gift they are to us?

Ouch! I've done this. Yes, I've fallen into this trap! I've worn-out myself trying to make things perfect that I've forgotten the most perfect gift of all: the expression of never-ending, unconditional love.

We're all wired to need it. All of us yearn for a relationship with someone who will love us forever, regardless of how stinky we behave. Isn't this the greatest gift we can give our loved ones? Isn't this what Christmas is really about?

During this Christmas season, my hope is that you'll…
spend more time playing with your kids than you spend shopping for them;

remember that the gift they really yearn for is you;

hug them and smile into their eyes as often as possible; and
show them through your never-ending love what a precious gift they are.
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.

Dr. Charles Fay"