Thursday, October 22, 2009

H.I.S. Ministries serves families in need in the areas of Hitchcock and Santa Fe. It is located at 4205 Jackson Street in Santa Fe, Texas. Every year, the wonderful people at H.I.S. Ministries care for many families during the Holiday season. Please let your friends know about these important events!
October 19 -- Sign up for Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinners/Toys began.
November 4 -- Sign up for Thanksgiving Dinners ends.
November 23 -- Distribution of Thanksgiving dinners at H.I.S. Ministries (9:00 am - noon)
December 5 -- Sign up for Christmas Dinners and Toys ends.
December 14 -- Set up at Aldersgate Methodist Church for Toy Distribution (8:00 am until ?)
December 15 -- Toy Distribution at Aldersgate Methodist Church (9:00 am - 11:00 am)
December 21 -- Distribution of Christmas Dinners at H.I.S. Ministries (9:00 am - noon)
If you would like to donate any food items or money to purchase them, it would be appreciated.  Below is the menu:
THANKSGIVING DINNERS:  Turkeys (donated)
green beans, corn, dressing, cranberry sauce
CHRISTMAS DINNERS:  Hams (donated)
sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, applesauce
Also, if you or someone you know would like to donate toys it will be helpful.  Many of the toys are from the Marines "Toys for Tots" but still many more are needed.  And "ELVES" are needed to help with the set-up and distribution.  Please consider helping this year.  Dates and times are listed above. 
For more information, call H.I.S. Ministries at 925-4697 (Open Mon, Wed, Sat -- 9 am - 1 pm).  Email is
Please share this information with those who might need help and those who might be able to help.
Helen Kilroy, Mark Kilroy Foundation
Chairperson, Safe Communities Coalition