Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Morris Brothers

The Morris Brothers performed this week in Santa Fe I.S.D. These nerdy guys have provided our school district with lots of fun-filled, interactive entertainment over the last few days...and the kids loved them! Somehow buried in the fun, they snuck in great tips on how to deal with bullies, make good decisions, and act responsibly.

Part of our Safe Coalition staff just ran into them (literally) at Sherry's Busy Bee Cafe, right here in Santa Fe, Texas. They wanted directions to the ski lofts in Santa Fe...and where are the mountains? they asked. I think they were confused. Can you tell by looking?

Thanks to Phyliss Coleman, Assistant Superintendent, Donna Loftin, counselor at Kubacak Elementary (she found these guys) and also to the Safe Communities Coalition, who sponsored performances for the district.

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